This is not an exclusive club, in fact it is just the opposite. This is a club that every boater with any experience is a member of, some just don't own up to it.  It is a club for the humble, the honest, and the proud boater with a story to tell.

There is a name for a boat with no scuff on the bottom of it, it is called a new boat.  And there is a name for a boater that hasn’t scuffed a keel...

The Scuffed Keel Yacht Club was born on a cold October morning in Northern Wisconsin when four good friends ran a sail boat aground in the chilly waters of Lake Superior.  After telling the tale to friends and fellow boaters, the stories flowed freely and the club grew quickly.  Soon SKYC flags were flying behind our boats and that of fellow members. Today, SKYC branded apparel and flags are the sign of an adventurous boater, one that is humble and willing to speak freely about their experiences.  Fly the flag high, you share a bond with other boaters that is not understood by all; only the lucky.


We would love to hear your story and so would others! Share photos and stories of your adventures with us on Facebook, Instagram or email us at deckhands@scuffedkeel.com

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