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After captaining a 39' Power Cat in the British Virgin Islands, we felt a bit out of place and figured we’d better give the sails a try.


It was a cold October weekend when the four of us along with Captain Jake, boarded a 36’ mono-hull and set sail from Superior Bay in Duluth, MN hoping to make it to Bayfield, WI for Applefest. The wind strength was not in our favor and we were lead to Cornucopia, WI where we stayed the night aboard the boat. After a night of whitefish livers and plenty of refreshments it was time to head home. Feeling a bit more confident in our skills Captain Jake went below deck to make breakfast and left us at the helm. While enjoying the South Shore, Bark Bay views and smelling the bacon from below we were sure we had it figured out. Suddenly Captain Jake appeared from below and asked “where are we at for depth?”…. we reported 9ft, 8ft, 7ft…BAM! The sound and impact of a solid keel smashing into a pile of rocks was unbelievable! Just like that, we’re members of the club!

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